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Default Re: The Dark Knight Fanart and Manips Thread Returns!

Originally Posted by batman11 View Post
Anyhow, I thought you guys might enjoy this. After watching the new Inception trailer for the 600th time, I had the idea to do this edit:

The Dark Knight Trailer - Inception Style

It's a trailer for TDK, set in the style of the recent Inception trailer. It's not just TDK video over the trailer: it's an actual trailer for TDK, simply set in the vein of Inception's third trailer.

Anyhow, it's a little rough and quite rushed, but I've got other stuff to attend to, so I wanted to throw it up on YouTube to see what other people think. I hope you enjoy it.
Late to the party, I know, but I had to say that this is really neat. Love the editing and I have to say Zack Hemsey's 'Mind Heist' fits the feel of TDK pretty well(even though it's missing the 'Zimmer Batman' sound). Good work and I'd be really curious to see you try a Begins one in the vein of an Inception trailer!

Also, boocherhix, incredible work! The Joker seems so real! Your brother should definetely enjoy it!

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