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Default Re: Official UNCANNY X-MEN Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by chamber-music View Post
The idea of teen mutants having control over their powers but being illiterate kind of makes me laugh. Can't be getting much of an education when your constantly being attacked and having your classroom and classmates blown up.
I remember Anole's story from the Divided We Stand miniseries. After Bishop destroyed the mansion, Anole went back home to live with his parents. When he went back to his old school, he found out he was far behind his classmates because he spent more time at the Xavier Institute fighting for his life than going to class.

The X-Men fall under attack more often than most other superheroes. They really need to keep their living quarters, base of operations, and school in separate locations. They were leaning toward that before moving to Utopia (the Young X-Men were living in an abandoned church, Scott & Emma were renting a loft in San Francisco, Pixie was staying with a bunch of college kids in Oakland).

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