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What’s the progress on the movies that we already know about, how are Nemesis and Superior coming along?
The Superior movie should hopefully get made public in the next couple of weeks. I was told it would be before the end of January, but it’s kind of out of my hands to be honest. It’s funny, in comics you just sort of ask Joe Quesada ‘can I announce this Ultimates series I’m doing?‘ and Joe would be like ‘aye, no problem, on you go‘, whereas in movies it’s weird – everything has to go round a hundred people. Whenever you hand over the rights to something it becomes not your news to give. I obviously knew about Tony Scott directing Nemesis before it was made public but I kind of had to sit on my hands and say ‘very exciting, but we just can’t tell you who it is yet‘. I remember actually at the time it was going to be within the next couple of days and it ended up taking three weeks before everything got signed off and I was like ‘come on…‘ Superior hopefully will be announced in the next week or so, fingers crossed. The deal was done a little while back and I’m very pleased with the team that seems to be assembling around it. The screenwriter’s started putting a few things together on it and their previous work has been pretty amazing. Likewise, the Nemesis screenplay with Tony Scott is being written now. All going well, this should be in production before too long, but it’s going to be a month or two before they have a Nemesis first draft to really look at.
And do you wait until the script’s finished before casting’s sorted out?

Yes. Tony said to me when we were phoning each other about it all ‘who can you see in the roles?‘ and we were chatting about that,but they obviously need to have the script ready before this proceeds beyond speculative conversation.They have to show the script to the actors because nobody’s going to agree to a movie until they know exactly what they’re saying. Things can get modified later, but they need to see at least a good first draft. I think that’ll go quite fast. The guy we’ve got writing Nemesis is a really interesting choice, because normally it’s roughly the same guys or same kind of guys that write superhero movies, but Tony thought ‘I’ll get someone who can do really brilliant character stuff‘, and this guy’s a character writer. Tony said ‘I’ll take care of the digital effects and make it look really exciting and this guy can handle the character stuff‘. It’s going to be a really interesting combination. Nemesis will be quite unlike anything else. It’s Tony Scott!

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