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Default Re: Will this really be a better film?

Originally Posted by Assassin32 View Post
The first Wolverine movie was an abomination. How a movie with talented people involved could come out that bad boogles the mind. That piece of **** wasn't just bad, it was Ghost Rider-bad.

But now, with Darren Aronofsky directing this new feature, The Wolverine is my number one most anticipated comic book film, above even The Dark Knight Rises.
I'm with you all the way on Wolverine actually pushing Dark Knight Rises to #2 on my 2012 must see list

also, I had some fun last night with my mac and did a re-edit of Origins. I was able to put together a decent cut of the film after rearranging some scenes and adding some footage from the other films. It runs about an hour even.

I scrapped the entire third act of the film and removed the stuff with Victor and Stryker setting up Logan. The stuff in Africa I also trimmed so only Logan and Victor are "above human" (I took out Dominic Monaghan's "powers" whatever they were and dropped the scene where they raid the diamond smugglers). It also opens differently and ends differently and I added some closing credits (like the trilogy) to give it more substance.

In closure, there was a good film underneath the kids movie (what was before a low "D" for me is now a "B-") I'll upload it on rapidshare when I finish the score. I'm using some obscure bits by John Murphy to give it a Darren Aronofsky feel

Last but not least, I ditched the title and named it "Origin". Always hated the X-Men Origins title, even before I knew the film was terrible.

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