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Default Re: Captain America vs. The Terminator

Originally Posted by PSYLENTGuardian View Post
It depends on what kind of Terminator.

A T-1000 would thrash Cap.
In a cage match, strictly hand to hand, absolutely.But Cap being placed in the situation in which those movies happen, he most definitely finds a manner to win. (actually, scratch the cage match, he'd use the T-1000 own blades, or His shield if handy, to escape said cage and move the fight to a strategically beneficial location. He's not gonna sit there and let the machine kill him.)
Cap locked in a thick concrete to vibranium enclosure is where the mans chances become virtually nill. Of course the argument of "where there's an entrance, there's an exit" can be posited. I've gone cross-eyed.
But, simply put,yes a T-1000 is in a higher power class than Cap. The trick is to beating the Captain is not only to overpower, but to overwhelm. Throw a couple of T-1000s at him, and we may look at another, "Death of Cap" storyline.
(ooh! Liquid metal Dethloks! Alternate future Cap! Go!)

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