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Default Re: Iron Man needs to stop fighting evil Iron Men

Originally Posted by Iron_Stark View Post
The Ten Rings were used instead of AIM
Count Nefaria is mainly an Avengers villain plus I doubt Favreau would want to use a mobster that's the combination of Ra's and Superman
Ghost couldn't carry a movie on his own
Grey Gargoyle is a Thor villain
Madame Masque would be another Justin Hammer
Spymaster see Ghost


MODOK? Lulz he would've never been used in the movie. And you think Favs had a problem with Mandarin, yikes!
Count Nefaria did appear in Iron Man, as he was the father of Madame Masque, and Masque was a constant storyline in the comic.

Ghost - well it's arguable that Whiplash in the comics couldn't carry a movie on his own either. The way he would be written, he would be made to be a compelling villain.

Grey Gargoyle did run in with Iron Man a few times, and was even in the 90s Iron Man toy line, so he is maybe more associated with Shellhead than Thor.

Madame Masque is nothing like Hammer - she's more like Black Widow combined with Viper (the head of Hydra). She was always seeking revenge for a) the apparent death of her father (he wasn't actually dead) b) being spurrned by Iron Man as a former lover b) because she had a personal grudge against Bethany Cabe, Tony's later girlfriend who was a physical match for her.

Spymaster - see Ghost.

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