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Default Re: Iron Man needs to stop fighting evil Iron Men

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
Because they looked and worked TOO similarly to Stark tech. At least, Whiplash final fight did. They weren't distinct enough. It worked okay for IM2, but you can't keep using those designs. You need to change them up, at the very least.

Like I said, use a guy like Whirlwind. Yes, he is tech based, but he looks and fights with a vastly different style, thus it would be different. You just can't have enemies who work like Iron Man all the time. It gets boring.
No doubt, they completly screwed over Whiplash by giving him that generic looking suit at the end. They should've given him the updated comic version as his Mark II armor then a completly new memorable look and color as his Mark III armor. But I guess War Machine was more important to them.

If they ever do Crimson Dynamo he needs his a red suit and his electrical attacks. And for Titanium Man they need to make him sleek, 12 feet tall, green, with his signature helmet.

Done right none of these villains should come off looking like clones.

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