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Default Re: The Official Jimmy Olsen Casting & Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by terry78 View Post
Considering how young Cavill is, Olsen will have to look REALLY young.
Originally Posted by Keyser Soze View Post
I think people are skewing too old for Jimmy. A lot of these names are older than our Superman! The role will probably go to a relative unknown.
Another reason I'd cast Jimmy young is so he'd appeal to the teenage crowd and the kids, just like Jimmy does in the comics. A younger cast member would also attract teenage girls, and as much as I hate to bring up Twilight, the actors there appeal to young girls because they're closer to their own age. And girls go see those movies in droves.

I'd take every opportunity to put more butts into seats when the movie's out! Cavill as Superman will be a huge draw for both women and girls, and a dorky awkward teenage boy as Jimmy would be like a cherry on top for the younger crowd in general. Inception has a big female following because of the casting choices (JGL, Hardy, Paige, DiCaprio), it's all over the map. I wouldn't mind JGL as Jimmy, what a choice! Didn't even think of him, though he may be too old by now, unless he can play very young.

The best choice would probably be someone in their teens or early 20's. Someone teenagers can relate to and try to imagine themselves to be in his shoes.

Originally Posted by Puckenstein View Post
As improbable as he may be, I would love it if they got Yelchin. I think he'd make the perfect Jimmy. Also, I wouldn't mind it if Jimmy found out Clark and Superman were one and the same in the second film, but that he actually knew they were all along.

Yes, Yelchin would be awesome! His looks are perfect for Jimmy. He can be adorable, dorky (or adorable + dorky = adorkable ), awkward, cute, energetic, brave and all those things at the same time. He just makes you smile. Jimmy's a warm person and a good guy, one you can root for. He's eager to help which is endearing, and he has his brave moments. He's not just comic relief by any means or a useless filler character. They could do some amazing things with him if they wanted. Involve him more in the action, let him help out Clark/Superman. How do you call that? Let him "do some of the heavy lifting"? Yes. Featuring him in an important scene wouldn't hurt. Give the actor some meat to work with.

If they cast someone who's considered rather, uh, annoying among quite a few people, like Cera, all that warmth would be gone, and his annoying traits would take over the character. Like Tomar-Re said, Cera could overshadow his role.

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