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Default Re: Ratner's take on X3 a few years later.

The good

1.Kesley Grammer as Beast
2. Pretty good action. Especialy the phoenix/Xavier battle

The bad
1. Cyclops is totaly negated. This wouldn't have been as bad if he hadn't of been shafted in the first two films as well.

2. Phoenix is a cosmic force,yet is reduced to to an overglorified zombie.

3. The Juggernaut. Jones had the spirit of the character,but I felt the suit just wasn't even a decent homage to the comic counterpart. I feel that if Juggernaut is going to be represented in an X movie you have to go all out with the character and I feel they failed with this on many,many,levels.

4. Rogue. I mean really. WTF? Granted I can see with how her power was represented in the first two it would be hard to suddenly build it for the third but they would have been better off dropping all the extra characters and sticking to the basics.

5. No nightcrawler. I think the funniest scene ever in the trilogy would have been an incident where Beast,Mystique,and Nightcrawler all end up in the same room looking at eachother with awkward faces.

6. Some of the dialogue was really off the mark. Xavier and Magneto still held true to the first two but some of the stuff that spews at of Wolverine's mouth seemed kind of lame.

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