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Default Re: Iron Man needs to stop fighting evil Iron Men

That sounds horrible. The Mandarin isn't an armored guy, and he isn't a wizard. The Mandarin is a schemer and a warrior, and has more in common with Prometheus, Deathstroke, or Bane than Merlin or Evil Iron Man number 5924.

Write him as the evil Deathstroke type he is. He should be doing things like letting loose a bunch of villains to weaken Iron Man, then doing something low-key with the rings like freezing Iron Man's boot-jets when he's weakened, and going in and breaking Iron Man's back with his Chi amped martial arts. That's a lot closer to how comic Mandarin is than all of this armor or wizard crap I keep hearing here.

I don't want them to mess up The Mandarin like they messed up Doom. They massively changed Doom from the comics and it sucked.

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