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Default Re: Iron Man needs to stop fighting evil Iron Men

I dont think Iron Man fighting other Iron Men is the problem, the 2nd movie had the right idea in that everyone would want to copy this technology this would happen in the real world, so he is bound to be fighting other versions of his armour at some point.

The problem I had with the end fight in the 2nd movie, apart from the fact i'd have missed it if I blinked was that Vanko completely under-mined Tony's genius, as did the rest of the movie, Vanko was able to build a suit far more powerful than Tony's (his mach 6 armour no less) once he had the resources. He built a suit that took on Tony's latest armour and a pimped out version of his older armour and pretty much owned the fight. It made Tony look a lot less of a genius than he looked in the first movie.

What they should have done was have the drones attacking Tony and Rhodey with them fighting Whiplash at the same time, it would have shown that Whiplash needed help to beat them both and wouldnt have under-mined Tony Stark as character.

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