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Default My personal wish list

Things I DON'T want:
An origin story. We don't need to see Krypton explode ever again.
ANY references whatsoever to the Donner films. NO Brando voice-overs, no Williams score, no 70's atmosphere, nothing.
Ditto on Returns. Let's forget we ever saw that kid or watched Supes go to the ER after lifting 800 million tons of kryptonite into space.
Kryptonite. We've seen it thousands of times. We know what it is, what it does. Let's find something else that can pose a threat to Supes, shall we?
A nerdy Clark Kent. There are other ways to distance him from Superman.
Things I do want:
Lex Luthor. But the way we've known him over the last 30 years. As a corrupt, conniving CEO. A behind-the-scenes manipulator. Not the laughable parody of a supervillain we've seen in previous films.
Lois knowing full well that Clark is Superman. And let them already be in a relationship. Why go backwards?
A real show of Superman's varying powers. But don't make up powers for the sake of a scene. Ugh.
A faithful, brightly colored costume. Let's not repeat that mistake. And for God's sake no leather or rubber.

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