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Default Re: My personal wish list

Originally Posted by GreenKToo View Post
My wants:
A top notch cast.
A confident Clark.
A faithful suit, that even if updated, folks will say, ''thats superman baby''.
A Lex-corp Lex thats a real SOB...
Star labs.
Younger Kents
A good score.
A non Kryptonian villain, unless its Brainiac.
A superfight that puts spidey 2 and the matrix to shame.
city wide damage from the fight between supes and the villain, take it to the surrounding country side as well.
All his powers at maximum, especially heat vision.

Camp. Humor yes, Camp no.
another bad suit.
superkids (duh)
Non Lex-corp Lex who likes real estate.
Waiting an hour before we see Clark in the suit.
CG close ups of supes flying.
nerdy clark.
Clark struggling with a decision to be superman or not for the whole film.
Kryptonite used against superman.

I'm sold on just about everything but the nerdiness...I'm a nerd and there isn't anything wrong with it. Now I will say this: Clark in the city should be unsure and clumsy, like Reeve portrayed him, don't try to imitate him but that's how it should be...Clark on the farm should be a normal guy, not putting on a show because he is with his family. And Superman should SUPERMAN!

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