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Default Re: My personal wish list

I'm also in the "keep Zod out of it" camp, at least for the first movie or two. This is especially true if, against my personal preference, they decide to go with an origin story yet again. It kind of defeats the purpose of the whole "last son of Krypton" shtick if there are other Kryptonians in it right from the first movie. Save it for a few movies in, when it will actually come as a surprise to some people.

Even if they don't go the origin route, I'd rather see villains like Brainiac that haven't already been given a movie. Don't rehash anyone or anything until it's been established that the series is new and different and not just remakes with better special effects. The one exception is Lex, who desperately needs a full movie makeover. I'd still rather see him as a less 'direct' antagonist in the first movie though.

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