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Default Re: My personal wish list

I personally wouldn't mind if brainiac wasn't a villan for the first film. Im hoping they go for Metallo , who was built by Lex Luthor , but at the same time Keep Metallo's origin a mystery , maybe we don't find out that Lex was responsible until the end of the movie , or we don't even see Lex at all until then end of the movie . Also , because of Clark's reporting skills. We find that Lexcorp had something to do with the terrorists in africa , nothing to major , maybe they supplied them weaponry , which they also did for Intergang , which is one the reason why Superman made his destination Metropolis.

Im thinking Synder and co. should save Brainiac for a sequel, and tell Kal-el about his origins , besides the basics of course, and even name the sequel the Last son of Krypton , since he's basically finding out more about his heritage, right guys ............. *Bites nails*

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