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Default Re: My personal wish list

Originally Posted by Chris Wallace View Post
Things I DON'T want:
An origin story. We don't need to see Krypton explode ever again.
ANY references whatsoever to the Donner films. NO Brando voice-overs, no Williams score, no 70's atmosphere, nothing.
Ditto on Returns. Let's forget we ever saw that kid or watched Supes go to the ER after lifting 800 million tons of kryptonite into space.
Kryptonite. We've seen it thousands of times. We know what it is, what it does. Let's find something else that can pose a threat to Supes, shall we?
A nerdy Clark Kent. There are other ways to distance him from Superman.
Agree with the first one in terms of the drawn out origin story, I think they should start it like birthright and I think it would be great to do flashbacks ala begins to his childhood and discovering his powers. Superman has a great origin but it doesnt need to start from krypton, I think it would be great if they revealed that slowly throughout the movie as more of a mystery.

Definitely agree on the nerdy clark too, I can't stand the buffon clark from STM, I rather he just blend in and be invisible in that people think he's boring.

One thing I think would be great if people did want to see the krypton origin is if they do an animated tie-in movie, I think that would be a great idea to frame the krypton stuff as something extra for the fans. Really the movie is about clark, unless there is a villain from krypton that needs explaining we dont need to know much about a planet that blew up.

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