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Originally Posted by Chris Wallace View Post
Who hasn't seen a Superman movie? They've been around for decades. Pick up a DVD or turn to AMC on just about any given weekend, it's there. Add to this you got Smallville, the animated series, Superboy, Lois & Clark-the gaps have been filled in. We all know what happened. His planet blew up, his father sent him here bc he knew the planet was going to blow up and nobody believed him, he was found by farmers and grew up to be a superhero. What's the big mystery? It's been told millions of times. His is probably the most widely known origin of any superhero ever and I defy you to find anybody who doesn't know it. I can see how someone could have gotten from 1969-1989 without knowing how & why Bruce Wayne became Batman. And I can see how the average non-comic reader would have no clue how Peter Parker became Spider-Man prior to 2002. But nobody and I mean nobody is clueless on how Superman came to be. And we sure as hell don't need to relive it now. I guess I'm mainly trying to say I don't want a remake of the 1978 movie. A quick little recap is fine but even that is truly unnecessary. As for the established relationship with Lois-if you only know movies & TV then you've quite possibly been waiting to see them hook up since forever. Why drag it out with all the cliche's we've seen 1,000 times in other movies as well as in Superman flicks? Which brings me to another point-you don't agree with ANYTHING I said? So you want dated references to a 30-year-old movie? You want the kid to come back? YOu want this mighty superhero's nemesis to be a ROCK?
Ok, so in case you missed Snyder said this will be an ORIGINAL origin story...meaning something we haven't seen before. SO deal with it. And what's the big deal with Superman HAVING to be portrayed by an American? Have any of you realized that hardly any of the American iconic superheros are being played by Americans? Green Lantern, Batman, Spider-Man, Wolverine...none of those guys are being played by Americans and yet you have a fit when Superman isn't played by one. He's not even American himself...he's a WORLD icon. And if you want an established Lois and Superman relationship, take your own advice and go watch Lois and Clark. I for one am looking forward to a origin story that hasn't been seen, or possibly even told in the comics.

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