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Default Re: My personal wish list

Originally Posted by KON - EL View Post
I personally wouldn't mind if brainiac wasn't a villan for the first film. Im hoping they go for Metallo , who was built by Lex Luthor , but at the same time Keep Metallo's origin a mystery , maybe we don't find out that Lex was responsible until the end of the movie , or we don't even see Lex at all until then end of the movie . Also , because of Clark's reporting skills. We find that Lexcorp had something to do with the terrorists in africa , nothing to major , maybe they supplied them weaponry , which they also did for Intergang , which is one the reason why Superman made his destination Metropolis.

Im thinking Synder and co. should save Brainiac for a sequel, and tell Kal-el about his origins , besides the basics of course, and even name the sequel the Last son of Krypton , since he's basically finding out more about his heritage, right guys ............. *Bites nails*
Actually I wouldn't mind Metallo being in the first film with Lex in the shadows. With the terrorists in Africa plot John Corben could be among those terrorists eventually getting hurt as a result of Clark's possible actions. But I'm sure Snyder/Nolan/Goyer have something better for us come next year.

But agreed about the Kryptonite thing has been done to death!!!! But with Metallo being thought about at least there would be a practical use for it compared to *cough* that island!!! *cough*

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