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Default Re: Iron Man needs to stop fighting evil Iron Men

Originally Posted by MichaelChen View Post
That's not completely true. He's been said to use magic to enhance his tech a few times, and his martial arts are mystic. However, it's always been subtle, and never remotely to the extent that he could be called a wizard type of character.

Rather, it would be more accurate to call him the ultimate opportunist and predator. He'll use a piece of tech taken from aliens here, a bit of stolen starktech there, a stolen spell here, a bit of mystic chi martial arts he conned a wiseman into teaching him there, and put it all together in a soup of stolen badassery.

That's the key to understanding him, he's a thieving oppurtunistic bastard who will use anything, science, alien junk, magic, mystic martial arts, whatever to advance himself.
Yeah, that's the best way to describe him.

And I'm not disagreeing with you, I know about how he can go years without food and water living off his Chi and how he can crack Iron Man's armor with his martial arts skills. But there's always this misconception that Mandarins rings are pure magic.


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