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Default Re: The Official: Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter Thread.

Originally Posted by Ajendo View Post
Um...she wanted an acting career, I wanted a career in business. Just because I studied drama doesn't mean I wanted to become an actor. So yes, keep waving that massive flag of ineptitude. You're doing an astounding job.
Righto Shirley, even though I couldn't give a toss about your career choices. I would pass to you the flag and make you the 'banner carrier', but I think you're far too overqualified. Still, there's always hope! Good luck.

On a far more interesting front. Hayley Atwell looks great in the role and I've seen her in the very good "Any Human Heart". She was wonderful in that role and I can see why they picked her. She has that classical and demure look.

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But (Christopher) Nolan is the prettiest girl at the dance now and everyone wants to dance with him.
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