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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

I'm a big G1 fan, but I think G1 purists who dismiss Beast Wars are missing out on a show that started out mediocre and became great, specifically because as BW went on it established itself as a sequel to G1 and made more and more overt references to it.
On the other hand, Beast Machines was the exact opposite, it started out good and ended up awful and introduced the single worst TF character ever: Botanica.

I was a teen when G1 started back in 84. I loved the show and watched it every day after school at 4 o'clock. Once I started collecting comics, I snapped up Marvels TF book every month. It was good up until Megatron died, and I didn't buy another issue until Megatron returned two years later.

As for the current state of the original cartoon, I think it's clear that some episodes have aged better than others. Season one remains the best, IMO. Season two is when it really became a blatant toy commercial, introducing more characters than they could possibly use. And season three is practically unwatchable, but one or two episodes stand out, including Webworld, Suddenly Human and Dweller in Darkness.

So, which comic company had the best storylines, Marvel, Dreamwave or IDW?

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