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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

WARNING: Contains really long bio/power origin
Mutant Name:Eclipse(formal),Shadow Flare
Real Name:Anko Young(before amnesia),Samantha Johnson
Eye Color:Violet-lighten and darken depending on her mood
Hair Color:Black with purple streak
Power:Sam had the ability to bring insane amounts of pain to those who look in her eyes at age six. At age sixteen she gained the ability to control shadows to blind people, create 2-d objects or solid, semi-permanent objects such as armor, containers, thin tentacles, and even animals(which don't seem to be made of shadows and have black and violet fur). A one point in time she got mad at Iceman for flirting with her and temporally blinded him then watch as he ran into walls. Also any shadows around her seem to squirm and jump. Finally at age twenty-one she had the power to create bright, black lights from the palm of her hands that burst into black flames when they came in contact with something.
Physical Capabilities:Sam possess amazing acrobatic skills and endurnce. She also is a master of several national fighting styles including Kung-Fu, Tae Kuan Do, Capoeira, and Jujitsu(Judo).
Bio/Orgin Of Power:Anko was born into a poor family when her father bought her a decorative sword her mother tried to kill him. When Anko interrupted her mother slapped her activating her ability to cause pain with eye contact, her mother left shortly after the insident. Her father remarried when she was eleven to her third grade teacher. When she took the sixth grade SAT's she put her teacher in a comma. A few years later her only friend Samantha Johnson ws killed. When her father and stepmother tried to wake her from a reoccuring nightmare, she woke with a start and impaled them through the heart. When she found out what she had done she cried and ran away to Professor Xavier's Instute of Higher Learning(but not before grabbing her katana). During the way she slipped and hit her head on a car hood causing brain damage and amniesia. She entered her subconscious and met a little black and violet wolf cub. Anko talked to it for a while the fell a sleep which woke her up in the real world. She woke on a metal table being examined by Prof. X and Jean Gray. She scurried off the table and questioned who they were. They told her then introduced her to the x-men. Jean, Prof. X, Wolverine, Emma Frost, Rouge, Bobby Drake, and Kitty Pride were the few people she decided to remember. At the age of sixteen she was transported five into the future by a mysterous mutant. Where she was part of the Brotherhood and was knocked out. The x-men found her and took her back to the x-mansion. She woke up and in disbelief the x-men asked her who she was when she said her name they gasped in shock and told her about the times. She was angered and asked how she could help. Cyclops suggested that they track the evil Anko through the good Anko, everyone agreed. Prof. X was killed by the evil Anko so Jean Gray did the tracking which melded both of the Anko's minds together into the older ones body. After more events I am to lazy to type Anko returned to the present in the body of the twenty year old.
Weakness:She is mortal so human causes can kill her(getting shot, stabbed, etc..). She is claustrophobic so her powers don't work in small spaces.

Extraue to her head injury Sam can enter her subconscious which she calls "World of Black sun" because of the black sun that inhabits the sky. This 'world' is filled with black and violet furred animals.
Teacher:Jean Gray(formal), Mystique(formal),Emma Frost
Uniform:A slim, black leather body suit with a full-torso X and vioet trim along with a violet leather jacket and purple sports shades she wears all the time to keep her powers in check.
Appearence:A young woman in her early twenties with a athletic build(for large amounts of gymnastics and tennis) and light tan skin.

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