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Default Re: Will this really be a better film?

Originally Posted by Alexei Belyakov View Post
I recommend you watch The Wrestler and The Fountain before the rest of the bunch. They're probably the closest to what this will be, which is a journey of isolation for a very determined yet detached hero. The characters in those films (one of them also portrayed by Jackman) are men who have a very difficult existential goal that ironically fuels the very solitude they dread living in [because of that goal]. They have the best of intentions for what they are doing (Wolverine just wants to be with Mariko) but the pursuit of this ideal is perhaps more damaging to them than actually obtaining it. They also fail to realize that if they weren't so tenacious they'd probably enjoy life a little more - which applies a great deal to all three Tom, Randy and Logan who could easily indulge his savage nature and live life like Sabertooth but refuses to and keeps looking for human things to do even though they keep going bad for him. Of course for us they wouldn't be very interesting if they just lived and let live
I own The Wrestler and The Fountain on Blu-ray and I never realized how much all three characters (Wolverine included) had in common. You hit the nail on the head

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