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Originally Posted by Nathman View Post
7-10 years reboot cycle? That is just insane! Hollywood is repetetive enough as it is. We don't need films being remade every 7-10 years, especially films of good quality. It has to be at least 15+. Imagine if they remade Inception in 7 years or Shawshank in 2001!
Those aren't serialized films(and frankly I couldn't care less about either of them, anyway). But serialized film properties(like superheroes) are different. They're meant to be ongoing in perpetuity. And I never said a reboot necessarily. It could just be a new take w/o crapping all over what came before.

I only think rebbots are warranted when they f---- up a property and it needs to be corrected, or the property has gone on so long(James Bond, Star Trek) that all that is left is a reboot.

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