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Default Re: Will this really be a better film?

Originally Posted by Be Snikt-Happy View Post
I know EXACTLY how you feel.

Remember how Wolverine Origins had a badass trailer. Dark and gritty. Like a Dark Knight treatment for Wolverine? What did we get? You know the drill.

My concerns:
- Will take forever to come out so I dont want to get hype yet, just to get let down
- It will most likely be PG-13! A super hero movie can work in PG-13, but for Wolverine it should be R. However R = less merchandising for the kiddies.
You can do a Wolverine movie well in Pg-13. You just have to be more creative with the violence.

I'm more concerned with the storytelling. It wasn't the rating that killed Origins, it was the poor storytelling and handling of the material. We could have gotten a dark, gritty Wolverine film in a Pg-13 rating. Obviously, I do think that Wolverine as a character lends himself to an R rating more then other heroes, but you don't need to have an R rating to make a good movie.


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