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Default Re: The Official Nicholas Hoult/Beast Thread

I've also been looking at Kelsey/Beast and it's clear to me that I much prefer this iteration.

I thought Kelsey effortlessly embodied the spirit of Beast, but the make up left a lot to be desired. His face was unchanged, just painted blue. So he still had very human/un-beastly eyes, nose, and mouth. Then there was his hair, which was SO blue it looked unnatural. It didn't help that his hair also didn't move. Hanging upside down, his hair was in place. Flying around fighting, his hair was stiff and motionless.

With this Beast, the colors are toned down, and the gray accents the blue perfectly. It makes it look more natural, as if a real blue animal would look this way. He also has BEAST-like facial feature. His nose, eyes, and mouth are all inhuman. It's almost hard to believe Hoult is under there. But, my favorite part is the fact that this time his hair actually moves! It was a quick shot, but just turning his head made his hair flow naturally.


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