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Marvel Portion of the panel begins.

- The Avengers are beginning to assemble.

- Thor, March 1st will see the first products on shelves. May 6 is when the movie opens.

- Role-Play Thor Hammer with lights and sounds and firing projectile.

- Asgardian Foam Sword, Shield and Dagger, Helmet, and foam Nerf Hammer.

- 3.75" Thor figures. 20 figures for Thor this year. Destroyer, Sif and Loki with Helmet, Thunder Ax Thor, Odin and Asgard Attack Thor. Fandral, Hogun Volstaag,

- Thor Deluxe, Hemidall (Exlusive to the deluxe line), Lightning Fury Thor, Blaster Armor Thor.

- Thor Feature 10" figure.

- SHS 3 packs will continue for Thor, Cap and Iron Man for 2011.

- Captain America Toys are in store on May 11. Movie his July 22nd.

- Cap Deluxe Disc Launching Shield, fires 5 foam projectiles.

- Cap Flying Disc Frisbee coming.

- Movie Cap Mask.

- 3.75" figures. Movie Costume, Captain Britian with Excalibur Sword, There will be a mix of movie and comic in this line. Battle Field Cap and Winter Soldier, USAgent, Heroic Age Cap and Cross Bones.

- Jungle Assault and Arctic Cap, Night Landing and Ulitmates.

- Mission Packs with real working parachute.

- Super Hero Squad 3 pack with Hydra figure

- 10" Cap feature figure like with Thor and Iron Man

- StrikeFire Transport vehicle with a motorcycle that comes out the back.

- Iron Man will continue in 2011.

- Armor Charges with real walking action with a price point of 12-15 dollars.

- New 6" figures War Machine The initative, Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man.

- Iron Man Vehicles with Mark V silver deco race car and figure.

- Mark V role play mask.

- Avengers Toys coming.

- Marvel Universe... 3.75" figures include Classic Avengers super team pack with Iron Man Mark 1, Thor, Classic Hulk, Wasp and Ant Man with winged Ant.

- Team Pack 2 with X-Force.

- Team Pack 3 Fantastic 3 with Invisible Woman and 3.75" Herbie

- Cable with Baby Hope. There will be a running change without Hope, so get the Hope one while you can.

- Commander Rogers is coming in Wave 4 of 2011.

- X-23 is in wave 4 and Darkhawk will also be in wave 4. There will be a variant with classic colors and more modern.

- Namor will be in wave 4 with new sculpt and an updated Ultron. Finally Dr. Strange who will have a clear astro form variant.

- Series 3 will see Falcon w/ Red Wing, Skarr, Dr. Doom with Modern Deco, Scarlet Spider.

- New Comic Packs with Spider-Man and original Captain Britain, Power Man and Iron Fist Original Costumes, Warlock vs. Thanos. I missed one not mentioned here but will come back to it later today.

- SDCC will see a special Sentinel on special cardback like Galactus. The mainline version will include Wolverine.

- GOTG Rocket Racoon is coming with Groot Accessory. They aren't saying how its coming yet.

- No X-Men First Class line but lots of X-Men product, Classic X-Factor Cyclops and Jean Gray and Wolverine vs Sabretooth comic versions comic packs.

- Modern Thor 6" figure will be the first Marvel Legends in the Legends launch.

- Marvel legends for Spring of 2012 will see 6" Ultimate Hawkeye, Heroic Age Bucky Cap,

- Build A Figure will be back with Teraxx, these figures will be in single cards. More to come on these later in the year.

- 6" Spider-Man figures with action features, shown is a Spider-Man.

- All Mission Racer Spidey Vehicle and Spider-Man Mask.

- 2012 will be the year of the Spider with the new movie.

- Marvel Super Hero Adventures will be for pre-school kids like the Star Wars line mentioned earlier. Look for figures and vehicles. SHS will also continue though.

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