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Default Re: The Official Captain America Fan Art/Manips Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by M.O.Steel View Post
ackles is an awesome choice, i think would have made a better CA. I never liked Evans as Cap America. he doesn't fit the role. just like i think Cooper would have made a better GL. Reynolds doesn't really fit GL to me either.

for the record, i like evans a lot and one of my fav actors of all time, from "not another teen movie", and thought he was the perfect tourch. just like reynolds is to deadpool
I'm glad when actors break type casting. Evans is filling out the Rogers role nicely. So far at least. So much so, that I can't picture Someone like Ackles stepping into the role.

"On Olympus, we measure wisdom against Athena...speed against Hermes...power against Zeus. But we measure courage...against Captain America."

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