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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread!

I finally got around to listening to Elfman's The Wolfman last Wednesday. Eventhough I've only listened to it once so far. I gotta say it's very good. Can't wait to listen to it again, when I get the time. It's a shame thet the score almost got rejected and is butchered in the final product. Too bad Elfman couldn't fix it to match the final cut b/c it would've conflicted with his scoring Alice In Wonderland. But what Elfman produced is still a nice score. I wish I could've bought this sooner since I got around to finally seeing it around it's dvd release. I liked all the tracks. I thinks it's paced well for a 66 minute album. The score although dense isn't as dense as his Sleepy Hollow, Red Dragon, or Hellboy II score at least, imo. I can probably give more of my thoughts on the score after repeated listenings. I can't really say much, but that I enjoyed Elfman's The Wolfman score. This movie was perfect for him.

I also just ordered Elfman's The Next Three Days from SAE. Can't wait for that one as well. I'll try to give my thoughts on that score whenever get it and am able to listen to it.

Wow in addition to waiting for The Next Three Days album to arrive at my address. I'm also anticipating my Elfman/Burton Box order, which is suppose to be shipping this month.

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