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Default Re: The Official "Get Marvel's Rights Back!" Thread

Originally Posted by Nuffsaid View Post
They will never get those rights back.
Originally Posted by kaijunexus View Post
Marvel has already gotten MANY of their character's film rights back. You, sir, are nothing more than a troll.
i think what's Nuffsaid's trying to say is that Marvel won't get these particular rights back. Fox theatened to produce ashcan copies of the franchises just to keep the rights for a longer time, a thing they already did with Fantastic Four back in '94. Fox are probably getting more aggresive now that Marvel Studios gets more and more acclaim and gets more rights to it's original characters like in the cases you referenced, but Fox has a hold on some household names (remember Iron Man was lesser known out of fanbase and people who were new o comic-book movies at the time, not saying he was a complete nobody, of course not, but he had less popularity at the time) and Hulk was kind of a dissapointment for Universal, so it was kind of easy to get the rights back.

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