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Not much but...

Darren Aronofsky is just getting ready to prep production on The Wolverine, a film which both he and star Hugh Jackman have already hinted will be a standalone story. Now, while speaking to PopcornBiz, Aronofsky leaves no doubt. He also says why he agree to take on the project in the first place..

It's not a sequel,” Aronofsky told PopcornBiz, though he’s still playing close to the vest on the storyline specifics (which reportedly derive from the character’s seminal Japanese adventure in the 1982 Marvel Comics miniseries by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller). The director did, however, explain why he signed onto a superhero film after the Oscar-stalking success of “Black Swan.”

“I just love working with Hugh Jackman,” said Aronfsky, who previously collaborated with Logan’s Aussie actor alter ego on 2006’s “The Fountain.” “And I think there's something to be done in that world that hasn't been done yet. I'm also excited to do something that everyone wants to make, as opposed to being the only person that wants to make the film at the beginning.”

Popcornbiz then asked if he would be adapting his usual style to suit the CBM genre, or the opposite and going against the usual conventions to deliver something more along the lines of his previous work to which he replied..

“I have no idea,” he grinned. “We'll see what happens.”

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