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Default Re: My personal wish list

I wanna see Luthorcorp Lex. And I want him as a sort of villain, because in my mind I have two ideas for possible trilogies:

1st idea:

Brainiac, Lex, Metallo. Lex is manipulated by B and is actually innocent, he also never comes into direct conflict either.

Doomsday- Unleashed by...



Brainy, Lex, Metallo

Bizarro/Ultraman amalgam or *don't throw rocks* Zod


I want no villain to revolve entirely around Kryptonite. No love at first sight crap with Lois. I want Jimmy how he is in All- Star. Clark should either act like an actual nerd, wear ill- fitting clothes, bad hair, glasses, looks a bit fat. OR be like some of the geek chic guys that wear 4 buttoned suits and horned rimmed glasses. I've had enough of Reeve's Supes. He was amazing, but let's move on.

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