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Default Re: Ratner's take on X3 a few years later.

Originally Posted by Hellion View Post
You think that would have been an obvious one right?
Originally Posted by lancimouspitt View Post
yeah jug and colussus would have been THE fight to showcase for the film but of course it didn't happen. I can somewhat see why the placed him against Kitty becomes of the huge differences between the two but I still feel that the two big guys not fighting was such a huge letdown. I think back to the bar fight in Uncanny X men between the two and what could have been for the movie..............
Exactly, its such an obvious thing that i'm still shocked it wasnt in the movie, hell, why not have them fight as Juggs is charging into the building to get Leech, let them have a fight then have the Kitty scene, film-makers get paid millions but still miss stuff like this how?

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