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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread!

According to IMDB and this link
an interview with Shaun Levy (the director) Danny Elfman is scoring "Real Steel".

It looks like a Transformers/Iron Man ripoff. Nothing new. I'm not a fan of the director's. Don't really care for Hugh Jackman. If I look at this it is b/c of Elfman. I read the interview with Levy above. He keeps talking about bringing in this group and that group to write songs for the robot fighting matches or whatever. He also mentioned that the love scenes or whatever with Jackman and Evangeline Lilly won't be scored. So what's the point of hiring Elfman. This turkey is going to waste Elfman's talents. Oh well.

Hopefully Gus Van Sant's "Restless" will take more advantage of Elfman's talents. Most likely it will since Elfman and Van Sant have collaborated many times and they are friends. Plus Elfman was nominated for two Oscars for his scores to two Van Sant movies (Good Will Hunting and Milk).

Looks interesting. Eventhough I'm usually not into these type of movies. But I'm curious to see what Elfman comes up with for this. I'm sure it'll be interesting b/c he always come up with interesting scores for Van Sant's movies. Except for Psycho (1998). Also this was suppose to come out in January, but got pushed to October. I've heard that Elfman's already scored this. It's just sitting on the shelf till October.

Oh and LOL Alice is in this movie.

It looks like "Restless" and "Real Steel" is all Elfman has on his plate this year. Well so far anyway.

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