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Default Re: Superman's power level

I want a powerful Superman, but not an all powerful Superman. As Snyder hinted I am hoping for a physical Superman, physical meaning there are believable limits.....i.e.... He cannot be in Metropolis one moment and then in an instant be in Tokyo. He is very familiar in Metropolis and surrounding areas, but a bit of a legend in Tokyo.

Global exploits are possible but they should coincide with travel as Clark on assignment. He can respond globally where needed, but again where he is needed there is also a story worthy of Clark's attention also.

More powerful than a locomotive....
Faster than a speeding bullet......

Are fine with me as "more" and "faster" are not descriptively limiting, and they are familiar physical manifestations to me, but he is not "more powerful" or "faster" to the ludicrous (continent lifting, planet moving , light speeding, time traveling)extreme.

He needs to breath, he needs to eat. Survival unaided in the vaccum of space is possible for a time, as long as he can hold his breath, but for prolonged periods he needs artificial means, same for undersea forays.

It's not one power that makes him Superman. It's the combination of his powers. Strength actually plays a minor role in carrying planes etc. It has more to do with the propulsive force of his flight ability, and his invulnerability, preventing his propulsive force from squashing him against the structure he is moving.

...And...... despite Superman's presence in the world.....people die..... due to accidents, natural disasters, criminal activity, wars etc...... even in Metropolis. There is only so much a man can do....even a Superman!

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