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Default Re: Superman's power level

Originally Posted by SuperDaniel View Post

I think Byrne's power levels are fine. I don't want the ultra-powerful Superman of Silver Age that makes no sense.
I don't want Silver Age levels either, but why Byrne? He can be more powerful than that without it being ridiculous.

Think of the episode of Lois and Clark with the asteroid. I liked that even Superman was taken aback at the government asking him to try and stop it. He wasn't sure, but he was still able to destroy it, and then later toss a 3 mile wide remnant away from Earth. So I guess what I want is for him to be able to stop an asteroid at his strongest and with lots of effort.

Originally Posted by Superman Prime View Post
Now this is going to be controversial, but it's a thought I've had a long time to think about.

1. Kryptonite was created back when Superman lacked challenging enemies to fight. These days, he has more than enough challenging enemies of equal or greater power.

2. It's too easy and obvious of a plot device. You want to look me in the eyes and disagree?

3. It's a single aspect of the mythos. Superman as a character can exist independently from kryptonite.

Get rid of it. Do away with kryptonite.
It doesn't have to be easy if it's hard to come by. Besides, it's the quintessential superhero Achilles's Heel, it should be properly represented eventually if this becomes a series.

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