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Default Re: Superman's power level

Re. Superman's achilles heal....
There have been many iterations.....

My preference.....
1. There is only green Kryptonite.
2. It is extremely rare on Earth.
3. It immediately incapacitates Superman with severe weakness. Making it impossible for him to use any active power, but it does not strip him of his powers. He is still invulnerable. Prolonged exposure results in death.
4. Lead shields it.

This discussion should also involve magic........

My preference......
1. Superman is not vulnerable to a person or weapon that is generically magic, he is vulnerable only to the specific nature of the enchantment.....i.e. .... a singing sword will not cut Superman.....a sword enchanted to cut anything and everything that physically exists.... will.

Therefore Captain Marvel has no advantage over Superman merely because his powers are magical in nature.

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