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Default Re: Ratner's take on X3 a few years later.

Originally Posted by Alexei Belyakov View Post
I'm with you on Red Dragon being decent (though its crap compared to Manhunter) and I liked The Family Man. But yeah, he's not impressive.
Well, you can't really top Michael Mann! I haven't seen The Family Man, so I'm just basing my opinion off the awful Rush Hour series.


See, for me the film works. I liked what they did with the story and I didn't mind the lack of character development for the supporting cast because I didn't care about the supporting cast. My only real problem with the film was the pace/running time. It moved too quickly but still [surprisingly] managed to deliver some pretty intense/emotional moments - and I credit that to the fact that we already had an existing relationship with these characters.

I think people seem to think Ratner set out to change everything Singer established but I see it the other way around. I think he basically tried his best to do "a Bryan Singer film" with less time, more characters and very high expectations from an already displeased fanbase (since Singer left).

Personally, I think alot of the fans went in to X3 ready to bash it. I say that because the second time I saw it I went with some friends that avidly read comics and they were badmouthing it on the way to the theatre.

For me the emotional intensity made the film work. And John Powell's score
I really liked the characterization that Singer brought to the first two films. It made it that much of a better movie for me. I think that was my main problem with X3, aside from having way too many unnecessary subplots. All the characters just felt shoehorned into bit roles, and those that should have been developed were just completely shafted. Cyclops? Dead! Xavier? Dead! Phoenix? Zombie! Honestly, I think a lot of this lies with the bad writing, so I can't completely fault Ratner for that. But at the same time, I feel like he was just a yes man that went along with everything. And maybe even needlessly added more characters, if the "more the merrier" comment is too be taken too seriously.

I know most fanboys are rabid, so that likely was the general consensus that it would be bad going in. I recall liking the film when I saw it, but as I've watched it more times, it just doesn't stand up, especially when stacked alongside Singer's first two films. It just feels like a complete letdown as part of this epic trilogy. The Phoenix plot should have been the focal point of the film instead of sharing time with "the Cure" plot that just doesn't fit. Many of the characterizations stemming from that plot are just bad too. The whole project feels like someone else's vision of the end, which is just disappointing, because I feel like Singer was really the one that needed to conclude everything.

It's still much better than Wolverine by all means, it's just a disappointment to me because of the potential it had set up by the end of X2. Just a missed opportunity, really.

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