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Default Re: Ratner's take on X3 a few years later.

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
He's probably better off standing by his work. It's not as though he gets a do-over. Even if in another few years he admits everything he did sucked and killing Cyclops was an awful idea ultimately X-Men: The Last Stand will still stand as the movie he decided to make. Usually when a movie flops in a CB franchise I notice directors set up the circular firing squad and blame others for all those things that fans were repulsed by. In the end though these people never listened when it counted. Cyclops' punk'd death was known about prior to filming, and the fan outcry was ignored then, which would make any apology for that or anything else pretty inconsequential. At least Ratner's being honest and saying he didn't care then, and doesn't care now. Schumacher's been apologizing for years now, and no one wants him ten feet in front of a comic book store.
I'm not surprised a major Hollywood figure doesn't admit mistakes, or believe they made any in the first place. Few filmmakers will say they think they got it wrong. Schumacher's a rare exception.

Of course Ratner's going to stand his ground, and dig his heels in, when constantly prodded about the movie. He's fairly egotistical anyway. And the tone of the questions doesn't help either; they're always bitter and accusatory rather than polite or enquiring what was intended in a specific scene etc.

Yes, he made a few misjudgements on the film. And so did a lot of other people involved.

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