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Default Re: My personal wish list

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
I reckon the film we be abit longer than 2 hours maybe 2 hours 20. 5 mins in Smallville seems to short to me
good revised dream outline...

10 minutes of Krypton origin (this is how long it took for the intro into the Star Trek movie)
----------------10 minute mark
30 minutes chronicling Clark's journalism in Africa with 5 minutes of interlaced flashbacks of his childhood in Smallville
15 minutes back in Smallville with his parents making the decision to goto Metropolis and become Superman
----------------1 hour mark
10 minutes setting up Metropolis, Daily Planet and rest of main cast
5 minutes setting up major threat
5 minutes of Superman revelation and montage of heroic acts
20 minutes of Clark and Lois reporting and drama interlaced with occasional heroic act along with major threat reminders
----------------1 hour, 40 minute mark
10 minutes of major threat revelation with Superman's initial reaction
5 minutes of Clark retreating and rethinking game plan
15 minutes of climactic battle
5 minutes of resolution and outro

Total time: 2 hours, 15 minutes...not including beginning and ending credits

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