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Default Re: The Official "Get Marvel's Rights Back!" Thread

From Variety Fri., Nov. 21, 2008:
'X-Men' spawns family of sequels

Originally Posted by MARC GRASER
Josh Schwartz, who created the teen-friendly TV shows "Gossip Girl" and "The O.C.," is penning a script, based around the conceit of the 2006 comic of the same name, that focuses on the young mutants enrolled at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. Books revolved around the Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel Iceman and Beast characters, which already have been featured in the three previous "X-Men" films.

"Batman Begins" co-scribe David S. Goyer is attached to direct the origins story of the "X-Men" arch-villain (played by Ian McKellen in the previous pics) and his relationship with Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart). Both characters would be played by younger actors, given the earlier timeline in which the plot takes place.

And "Deadpool," which would revolve around the sarcastic mercenary played by Ryan Reynolds in "Wolverine," should the character in that pic prove popular with auds.

Rights to "X-Men" revert back to Marvel in 2012 if pics aren't in active development.

The future of the franchise essentially has been put into the hands of producer Lauren Shuler Donner, who has overseen all three "X-Men" pics to date and is shepherding "Wolverine,""First Class," (together with "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"-scribe Simon Kinberg), and "Magneto."

She's been influential in hiring indie directors not used to helming action or dealing with extensive special effects sequences. "I like taking someone out of the indie world and bringing someone into the action world because it grounds the movie," she says. "It gives it a reality. It gives it an emotional core, and then you can have as much fun and action in it as you want."

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