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Default Re: Ratner's take on X3 a few years later.

Originally Posted by ALittlePush View Post
I think the main problem with X3 is the runtime. They had two potentially great stories that would have created good character focussed plotlines, but instead they squeezed both stories in to a short time without giving either story the justice it deserves. The emotional aspect of the film just wasn't there for me, it literally felt like: next scene, next scene, he's dead, next scene, next scene, he's dead too, next scene, etc.

There could have been some brilliant moments had the film not felt rushed. Cyclops' death, had it not just been swept under the carpet, could have been a real emotional moment, showing how out of control Jean Grey had become. It's the same with Rogue and the cure, it was the perfect opportunity to show how simply being able to touch another person without hurting them would affect her entire life. Instead, they boiled it down to she took the cure because she didn't like Iceman getting touchy-feely with Kitty.

Had they given the two storylines the time they deserved, we would have ended up with a much better movie.
I agree in that both plotlines are fine, but "The Cure" just feels out of place as part of the conclusion to the trilogy. Like I said earlier, Phoenix demanded the full attention of the film, and rightfully so, because it's both a huge and phenomenal story arc that was just utterly wasted. "The Cure" needed to be saved for a potential future film, if it was going to be used at all.

And yes, in all fairness, a 2.5 hour runtime may have solved quite a bit of the problems that exist, but I still think what I said above is more ideal to finish the trilogy. More time certainly would have helped make those plot details work much better in context, but I still think they're both piss poor characterizations. Cyclops should not die so easily. I get that Wolverine is the so-called main character of the movie, but Cyclops should be a huge part of the Phoenix saga, even with the love triangle Singer developed right off the bat. Also, Rogue taking the cure is such a cop out. It's the antithesis to the entire story arc that Singer built around her being able to accept her powers.

A much better movie? Yes.

What it should have been with Singer's continued development? Hell no.

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