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Default Re: Superman's power level

Originally Posted by raybia View Post
Sounds pretty good.

First of all, Superman should be more powerful than any other Superhero on film to date.

He should not have the ability to time travel. Thats cheating.

His power capacity should be unknown as the older he gets and longer he is naturally exposed to the sun his powers slowly but surely continue to increase.

He should go up against a villian that is as or even more powerful than him.

However powerful he is, he should have to exert himself.

Snyder should check out S: TAS for tips.

Oh, and for a really cool scene, Superman should find out he doesn't need air only after running out of it while in Space.
The hightlighted part is something that should be remembered. And why S:TAS? Superman in that show was pretty de-powered. I'd recommend the second season of the Justice League and the Justice League Unlimited for examples on how powerful Superman should be.

For instance...

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