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Default Re: Superman's power level

Originally Posted by raybia View Post
Really? Give me some examples. I definitely don't think Superman should be as powerful as he was Pre-Crisis. I do like the idea though that his limits are unknown, even to him and that he is really constantly getting more and more powerful.

S:TAS was Byrne-level and could not compete with Marvel heavyweights. Thor or Hulk would destroy that character. Thor especially.

Now who knows how powerful movie Thor will be-although he has to be at least a match for the movie Hulk.

People who understand and can write him correctly know that his power level is not an issue to making the character interesting. When people say they feel Superman is too powerful to write interesting stories with, they are actually making excuses for their own failures to handle the character. Superman could move planets but he couldn't change what is inside the hearts of men like Luthor or stop the evil heartless androids like Brainiac with just power alone. Superman's world is about morality and decisions. This is what makes him so interesting-that he is a moral, altruistic man in an ever more selfish and cruel world.

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