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Default Re: Superman's power level

Almost forgot I posted this thread lol.

Some very interesting replies and it's given me food for thought

Personally speaking, I'd like to see the following:

Superstrength - Strong enough to lift a mountain. Anything heavier is possible, but just like a human straining with heavier things, it will take a lot of effort. Superman himself may not even be aware of what his upper limit is. I think moving planets is a bit on the hard to believe side.

Superspeed - I'd like this Superman to be able to move at almost the speed of light, but not surpass it. He can't totally defy physics. He can be in Metropolis one minute, and China the next if needed, but no ability to travel FTL and thus turn back time.

Heat Vision
- Again, Superman himself may not be aware of how strong his heat vision can be as he's never had to use it that strongly. He is basically one huge solar battery, so in effect his heat vision may be as hot as the sun itself if he focuses enough. On a 'normal' day, certainly strong enough to burn through most earth metals.

- Like most incarnations of Superman, his skin should be totally impervious to knives/bullets. Rockets aren't a problem, neither are fire or bombs. A very strong bomb - atomic/nuclear - may knock him unconscious and wound him, but not kill him. As for surviving in space, I agree that he should be able to do it for days if he can hold his breath, but not indefinitely - he would need air at some point.

Healing Power
- something that's not really focused on a lot with Superman, as most people associate healing power + superhero with Wolverine. But Superman has a very advanced physiology, and thanks to the way his body absorbs solar radiation from our sun, he heals much faster than we do. I'd like to see cuts and the like healing within 20-30 secs depending on his energy levels.

Super Breath - Like heat vision, he shouldn't even be aware of his upper limits. He can easily blow out fires and the like, and freeze anything up to the size of a small house, but I wouldn't like it taken to ridiculous levels - like freezing an entire ocean.

All in all, I'd like his powers to be amazing and better than other superheroes on film. And I'd like to see Snyder explore this Superman who doesn't actually know how strong he is, how fast he can go, or what can kill him - because he's never been tested enough before.

As for the argument that Superman's super speed effectively renders him unbeatable (he can basically overcome any villain in the blink of an eye if need be), that is a good point. I think the only way to get round that is for Superman's superspeed to be limited by 2 important factors :

His surroundings - someone travelling at superspeed can cause a lot of damage to their surroundings - be it by generating a sonic boom, affecting the air pressure, having buildings/cars being damaged by the shockwaves of their movements. Remember Neo flying through the city to save Trinity in the Matrix sequel, and the cars flying into the air behind him? That's what Superman has to contend with in built up areas. So he has to limit himself greatly in order not to destroy human habitats (or humans!)

Concentration - To superspeed and use his other powers simultaneously takes a great deal of concentration, so again Superman's speed may be limited greatly when also trying to engage someone using heat vision or superstrength.

With regards to Kryponite .............. personally, I'm sick of it and it's an overused plot device. But I concede that there must be something out there which poses a threat to Superman, he can't be totally unbeatable. However I hope we don't see it used on a frequent basis (if at all) in the next film ....... there should be very little kryponite on earth, certainly not the amount that seems to exist in the Smallville universe.

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