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Default Re: Superman's power level

Originally Posted by Kurosawa View Post
Conversely, what is the fascination for weakening Superman to a point where he is not substantially more powerful than characters like Thor or the Hulk? Or Green Lantern for that matter? An electric power cable pulled up from the street should not hurt Superman. Superman should not have to wear a mask to fly in space. He should be able to break the time barrier. Good writers can handle his power level, bad writers cannot. Why accept incompetence?

I don't like him "substantially" more powerful than Thor or Hulk because they are ridiculous as it is too. Though it was a great story in itself, I didn't like the whole WW Hulk, "I can beat EVERYONE" stuff either. I also don't like the upper end Thor stuff, like the "GodBlast".

Its all a poor decision IMO.

Its not about "powering down" Superman to me, its about ignoring bad writing decisions.

I think some are motivated by a fanboy one-upsmanship. They want their favorite character to be "better" than any other. My hero can beat up your hero kind of stuff, which shouldn't really play into what works for the character and connecting with the audience in a new movie.

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