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Default Re: Superman's power level

Originally Posted by WildcatNC View Post
No time travel for me either. No faster than light travel.

A Superman that can tug planets along in space and move faster than the speed of light is unbeatable. Even rudimentary physics knowledge would tell you it would be impossible to defeat him. To a certain point you still need to keep the suspension of disbelief.

Many are also acting like "weaknesses" are a bad thing. Its GOOD for characters to have flaws and weaknesses. It makes them more relatable and it drives internal conflicts and personal storylines.

Are we really talking about him NOT being able to travel faster than light, time travel or tug planets as "gimping" him? Seriously?

I'm also glad they gave him the magic vulnerability. He needed something besides a rare alien mineral that was extremely uncommon. I would rather them use his sun dependence too.

I am still advocating he be frickin powerful as all hell, and in the top tier of all heroes. He still would be, even with everything i've mentioned.
good post I certainly dont want a Superman that could move a planet

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