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Default Re: Ratner's take on X3 a few years later.

Originally Posted by ALittlePush View Post
I agree. The cure would have been better in another film, especially if it had come about as the human reaction to Phoenix. One out of control mutant results in humans wanting every mutant to be cured.

Cyclops should have been central to the Phoenix plot, nobody could argue that, but unfortunately factors got in the way and it wasn't to be. His death could have still worked within the story, unfortunately this just didn't have the impact it should've and this was all due to runtime and bad writing.

Rogue should have really agonised over whether taking the cure or not. The reasons why she would take it are completely understandable, (if she ever wanted to have kids, she would need to touch someone long enough to do the deed, etc) However, they explored none of the rammifications of what would be a life changing decision. In a way, like you said, it is a cop out. Rogue is one of my favourite characters, but the way she was handled in X3 was awful. She should have been a central character to deal with the cure storyline and she wasn't. The Phoenix plot and the Cure plot felt like separate plotlines put into the same movie, they should have either been better entwined together or, like you said, put into separate movies.
I really like the idea of the Cure being a human reaction to the Phoenix saga. I think both X3 and a potential X4 could have been very tightly focused movies that would excel as a result. I think you could even get away with Sentinels in this X4, as part of the human reaction to Phoenix.

Cyclops has really gotten the shaft the entire trilogy, and it just seemed like he was poised to be a major focus for the third entry in the franchise, but was just written out because Wolverine became the focus. Does anyone have any idea if there was any truth to Cyclops being written out of the script as a result of Marsden signing onto Returns? I recall rumors, but it sounds like a fanboy explanation for his poor characterization to me.

I agree that the decision should've been a major struggle. I also think the decision to take the cure is just bad characterization. You're right, she should be a major part of the Cure storyline since her powers are so potentially detrimental to living an ideal life. Just wasted potential, like everything else in that damn film.

Sigh. I know what I'll be doing if I ever invent a time machine or befriend a crazy old doctor.

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