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Default Re: Superman's power level

Originally Posted by KRIM View Post
What's so hard to understand?
Oh! You again....

Originally Posted by Pumpkin_Bomb View Post
People didn't complain because they felt he shouldn't be able to lift something that size, they complained because he was lifting a mountain of his only weakness.
Red Sun radiation would like a word with you. Even so, it just sounds like another useless fanboy complaint. Superman lifted NK which was littered with kryptonite. Not to mention he dropped back to earth and ended up in a coma afterwards, so its not like it was a piece of cake.

Originally Posted by WildcatNC View Post
I like Marvel and DC and Thor is on par with Superman. They are "roughly" equivalent.
You like marvel and dc...great. No one said it was that kind of debate. I used hulk and thor cause they're the only movie heroes who're in supes power range, not cause they're marvel.

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