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Default Re: Superman's power level

Able to withstand the vacuum of space w/out a suit (if we decide that he needs to breathe, he'd need an air supply)
Almost as fast as light (flying) / faster than sound (running)
Lifting mountains, etc
Super intellect
Able to withstand all Earthly weapons, elements and radiation (he'd brush off the dust from a Nuclear explosion) in fact....
Can fly near and into the Sun
Stronger than any other Kryptonian, simply because he grew up on Earth and that has affected his physiology
Able to hear Lois' heartbeat from the other side of the planet (as in a comic story from the past few years)
Able to see just about every part of the electromagnetic spectrum
Even under the light of a red star, he has his Golden Age power set as that comes from his molecular structure, not the effects of solar radiation

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